Victorian shutters

Traditional Victorian solid panel window shutters are beautiful and very decorative

The Solid Shutter style is probably the most traditional English style of shutter you can find. Available as a solid raised panel similar to a Victorian door, these resemble the original shutters mounted in Victorian properties to secure their homes when vacated. They are extremely popular in properties of the age. The beauty of having solid panel window shutters is not only in their look but their simplicity. They create an upmarket and luxurious aesthetic, adding an element of class to any property interior and exterior.

Solid Shutters Need Low Maintenance

Compared to other window products, solid shutters don’t require as much maintenance as most people might think. Sure, you will have to clean them once each week with a cloth or a duster. However, other than that, the items should remain in perfect working order for a long time.

Solid Shutters Increase Privacy & Security

Solid shutters offer an extra element of privacy and security for people living in your home. They sit flush against the window and prevent anyone outside from peering into your property. That means you don’t have to worry about being ovelooked, and local criminals will struggle to work out if you’re at home or not.

No burglar worth their salt is going to break into a property unless they are confident it’s empty. So, alongside other installations like your motion sensor alarm system and CCTV, you can make sure your family is as safe as possible if you select some solid shutters.

Solid Shutters Reduce Noise & Improve Heat Insulation

The panels will insulate your rooms when you close the shutters, and they help to keep the cold outside. However, it is important to note that while you are going to retain a lot of heat, solid shutters will not prevent the circulation of air flow.

Victorian Solid Shutters Boost Curb Appeal

Traditional Victorian shutters can increase the curb appeal and make the exterior of your house look even more beautiful.

The solid shutter panels come hinged to a frame making them very easy to open and close, not only to help control the light in the room, but also to provide quick and easy access to your windows as and when required. Single panels can be hinged together which allows them to be concertinaed and helps provide a highly stylish finish to windows in any room.

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