Made to measure timber doors

A1 Bespoke Joinery ltd doors, boasting truly outstanding weather performance and high-security credentials, available in a range of traditional and contemporary designs. 

Make a bold statement with an entrance door

As the element that tends to be responsible for the overall look of the entire façade of most homes, the front door has a big responsibility in creating a stylish first impression. In contemporary home design it is perhaps even harder to get the front door right. Unlike period properties, there is no particular era to refer back to.

Your front door says a lot about your home, it sets the scene, offers kerb appeal and is a key factor in the overall look and feel of your property. Whether you are looking for a traditional design or something more contemporary. A1 Bespoke Joinery ltd can design something that is as unique as it is beautiful.

All our entrance doors are made from hardwood as standard with multiple stains and colour options. We also offer security laminated glass, stained and leaded glass to provide a truly authentic and characterful entrance to your home. We install all kinds of high security locks, including Banham.  

Back doors - stylish and secure, a perfect addition to your home!

A perfect addition to the side and rear of any property, our timber backdoors designs are usually simpler and feature more glass than entrance doors. Similar to the entrance door designs, high levels of customisation can be achieved with a number of paint, stain, glazing and door furniture options.

Our doors are designed with security in mind. Two types of locking systems are available – standard and auto-locking. With only one handle located on the internal facing side for the auto-locking system, the multi-point locks are automatically triggered when the door is shut which makes this system perfect for doors that open onto a public or communal area.


Internal Doors: what to choose

Painted Internal Bifold Doors | Native Joinery

Choosing internal doors to complete your project requires more forethought than might be anticipated. A well-planned door can complete a design and with different timbers, glazed inserts and a variety colour options, a wow factor can be created in many ways. Modern homes’ love of the open plan layout has led to the advent of internal doors that can slide or fold away to open up various living spaces on the ground floor. Bi-folding internal door are great for spaces that want an open-plan aesthetic, but also the privacy of separate rooms.

Pocket doors can be hidden away in the cavity of an adjacent wall. They are useful where space is at a premium and where a hinged door would be inconvenient. In order to work, you need to plan ahead and to build an encasing wall wide enough to take the door. A standard internal door is just 35mm wide, so a 100mm-wide wall will comfortably wrap itself around a pocket door.

The doors to separate private areas upstairs are still more traditional.  

Patio Doors: Bi-fold, Sliding or French?

The desire to ‘bring the outside in’ is a bit of a cliché these days, but there are very few homeowners who don’t want the extra light, as well as connection with a patio or garden. It helps first to know your options.

Bi-folds, also known as folding sliding doors, have seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years. The key advantages are that they allow for whole walls of glass to be opened up completely, and as they commonly run on tracks that lie flush within the floor, the lines between inside and out can be blurred. They are a great idea for injecting a natural light into internal spaces, framing views and increasing a connection to the great outdoors. 

Combining multiple location lock systems, locking shoot-bolts, extremely high-quality, strong security hinges and solid double-glazing, bi-folding doors are not only extremely functional but altogether a solid security choice.

Timber sliding doors from Westgate Joinery

Sliding doors are shaking off their 1960s associations and are a popular choice in contemporary homes at the moment. They provide lots of light thanks to narrow (and in some cases, practically invisible) frames. 

We offer a number of sliding door configurations to suit the layout of the room and the size of the reveal. All configurations allow for very large and heavy doors (up to 400kg in weight) to be specified without compromise of the sliding performance.

Our multi-point locking system provides a high degree of security. Additional security is offered by the concealed, interlocking aluminium meeting rail, while contributing to the doors’ exceptional weather performance.

Other benefits sliding doors have over bi-folds include no sections to fold back, saving on space and being visually cleaner — they can even be designed as ‘pocket doors’ that slide away into cavities within the wall when open.

French doors

French doors provide a timeless appeal.  Although still often thought of as the reserve of traditional-style homes, French doors are actually available in plenty of designs that will also sit quite happily within a contemporary home. 

Compared to bi-folds and sliding doors they tend to bring in less light given their typically smaller dimensions — although combining them with sidelights or positioning them within a run of glazing will increase the amount of light drawn in. They also sit well within an elevation that includes bi-folds or sliding doors elsewhere, and provide quick and easy access to the garden when you don’t want to open up a whole run of glazing.

 The price of doors varies greatly depending on three key factors: material, construction quality, and whether you’re buying a single door or a door set. Door sets provide a more time-effective alternative with a superior end result. The door is already pre-fixed to the lining as part of manufacturing process.

You may need to paint or finish the door if you’ve bought a primed or untreated model. 

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