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February 21, 2019

Timber French doors are an elegant choice for your property. They make your home or building look classy and stylish. Although still often thought of as the reserve of traditional-style homes, French doors are actually available in plenty of designs that will also sit quite happily within a contemporary home.

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French patio doors are best suited to small openings. They are made up of 2 doors which open from the centre leaving a completely unobstructed aperture when opened. These doors can either be opened inwards or outwards, one at a time or both at the same time. The glazing can be clear, glazed or fitted with Georgian bars to suit the aesthetics of your home.

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Potential drawbacks with French patio compared to bi-folds and sliding doors, they tend to bring in less light given their typically smaller dimensions. Although, combining them with sidelights or positioning them within a run of glazing, will increase the amount of light drawn in. They also sit well within an elevation that includes bi-folds or sliding doors elsewhere, and provide quick and easy access to the garden when you don’t want to open up a whole run of glazing. Also you need to bear in mind, that French doors can slam shut in the wind if not secured and will always need space to open either outwards or inwards.

French, sliding, bi-fold - which doors are right for your extension?
French Doors Hancrafted by Whyte and Wood in Accoya

Whether you prefer classic or contemporary design, we tailor our timber French doors to bring out the beauty of your property. We offer a vast selection of colours, glazing and finishes to ensure your bespoke timber French doors meet your exact requirements.

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